$201,229,727Total Contributions
$206,356,069Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC $12,624,755.00$28,495,144.06
ActBlue Texas $12,577,165.82$12,380,233.49
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign Fund $6,030,347.64$4,743,577.45
The PAC for America's Future -TX $5,486,625.77$3,543,890.74
Texas REALTORS Political Action Committee $4,622,271.99$29,420,030.63
Defend Texas Liberty PAC $4,616,447.58$5,003,095.80
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action Committee $4,400,000.00$4,407,229.08
Texas Sands PAC $4,114,349.76$1,983,657.19
Texans United for a Conservative Majority PAC $3,928,000.00$3,300,162.41
AFC Victory Fund $3,070,550.00$877,288.22
Republican State Leadership Committee PAC and Individual Account $2,336,250.00$850,378.35
Texas Justice & Public Safety PAC $2,288,707.00$1,662,529.74
Texas Majority PAC $2,152,500.00$1,525,564.40
Coalition Por For Texas PAC $1,887,500.00$1,741,246.62
Protect and Serve Texas PAC $1,834,308.77$2,572,340.24
Texas REALTORS Issues Political Action Committee $1,823,534.05$4,911,491.21
First Tuesday $1,787,469.05$156,256.99
Houstonians for Working Families $1,783,364.80$1,898,869.10
Charter Schools Now PAC $1,730,558.59$766,674.81
Republican Party of Texas $1,632,398.29$1,548,712.93
National Democratic Redistricting Committee $1,520,889.39$1,277,105.09
Texans for More Top Ranked Texas Universities PAC $1,511,140.00$1,461,684.34
Texas Organizing Project Political Action Committee $1,447,259.95$1,743,189.41
Republican State Leadership Committee Grassroots Account $1,442,726.31$1,500,000.00
Family Empowerment Coalition PAC $1,417,479.69$1,361,419.05