$248,370Total Contributions
$339,021Total Expenditures
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Candidate (Click to sort Ascending)Office Held/Sought (Click to sort Ascending)District (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
David Spiller House of Representatives68$217,750.00$193,713.36
Craig Carter House of Representatives68$17,160.00$99,291.85
Jason Brinkley House of Representatives68$6,000.00$18,434.13
John Berry House of Representatives68$5,760.00$3,292.32
Christopher Watts State Senate30$1,200.00$2,249.09
Bill Strieber House of Representatives48$500.00$0.00
Tad Halbach JR District Judge333$0.00$3,333.36
Tom Brummett District Judge140$0.00$3,162.43
Jonathan Bailey District Court of Appeals Chief Justice11$0.00$2,942.90
Karen Pozza District Judge407$0.00$2,459.13
Donna Bahorich State Board of Education6$0.00$1,635.71
Megan Daic District Judge165$0.00$1,613.44
Shadi Zitoon State Senate12$0.00$1,249.88
Renee Magee District Judge184$0.00$866.80
Paul Green Supreme Court$0.00$855.99
Antonio Padron House of Representatives119$0.00$765.00
Russell Lloyd District Court of Appeals1$0.00$640.92
Karen Dykes District Attorney (Multi-county)34$0.00$490.18
James R Dickey Sr State Chairman$0.00$477.73
George Powell District Judge351$0.00$439.16
Melissa Mather District Judge345$0.00$345.02
Samuel Johnson District Judge366$0.00$243.86
Adam Salyer House of Representatives118$0.00$200.00
Marc Meyer District Judge457$0.00$163.37
Clayton H Tucker House of Representatives54$0.00$35.27