At Transparency USA, our mission is to provide clear, accurate, easy-to-understand information about the money in state politics.

What We Offer

Our database includes campaign finance data for nine states: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. You can search all state-level candidates, political action committees (PACs) that are active in that state, and the donors that support them. Texas is our first state to also include lobbying data.

State-level politicians include your governor, state attorney general, and legislators who serve in your state House of Representatives and state Senate. If they serve in your state capitol, you’ll find detailed data on their contributions and expenditures here. You won’t yet find federal candidates, which include the president, members of the U.S. Congress, and most politicians working in Washington, D.C. We look forward to adding federal data soon.

You can see big-picture data, like the top 10 donors in your state this election cycle or total contributions and expenditures by party. You can also find detailed transaction history for a single person or organization.

How to Start

Select a state, then choose the election cycle you’d like to see. Our data is sorted by two-year election cycles from January of odd-numbered years through December of the following even-numbered year. For example, the 2020 Election Cycle includes transactions from January, 2019 through December, 2020. Once you’ve chosen a state and election cycle, you can peruse lists of candidates, donors, pacs, and payees. If you need a place to start, each state profile includes a list of current politicians as well as the laws that regulate campaign finance in that state.

Already know what you are looking for? You can also search by name or keyword. If you prefer to see a more specific set of data, you can narrow your search by using our Advanced Transaction Search for a specific date range or dollar amount. 

Can’t find the data set you need? Check back. We’re always adding more data as it becomes available.

How It Works

Candidates and PACs in every state are required to submit detailed records of their donations and expenditures to a state agency. As soon as those reports are made available, we clean up the data and present it to you in a way that’s easy-to-search and easy-to-understand. 

But our data is not just easier — it’s better. More accurate, and more reliable. Our team painstakingly combs through every line of data to remove duplicates, confusion, and errors. We feel confident that we give you the most accurate information available.

Find An Error?

We have the best available data, but with millions of transactions reflected on our site, you may still encounter an item that needs correction. Thanks in advance for bringing it to our attention. We want to fix it as quickly as possible. Email us at editors@transparencyusa.org. 

Transparency USA is a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization.