Claim Your Page

Candidates and officeholders can claim their page by verifying the campaign accounts linked to their profile on Transparency USA and adding additional information that they would like our visitors see. Every candidate page can 1) get verified by confirming that their Transparency USA page is displaying data from the correct campaign finance accounts, and 2) have the option to customize their page to provide additional context and campaign information to Transparency USA users.

1. Get Verified

It’s free! You can become Transparency USA Verified by confirming that your page reflects the correct accounts as submitted to your state campaign finance agency. Once approved, your page and data will receive the Transparency USA verification checkmark (✓).

Claim Your Page Here For Free.

2. Customize Your Page

Expand your reach. Help more people find your site and learn about you. In the 2020 elections, millions of people saw our data, and we’re exceeding our previous numbers for the 2022 election cycle. Add additional details that you’d like Transparency USA visitors to see when they view your profile.

For only $145 $75 you can help those visitors find out more about you, your organization or campaign, and the issues you care about. Customizing includes:

  • a brief bio
  • a link to your website
  • a link to your donation page

Ready to customize your Transparency USA page? You can get started by submitting your $75 payment below. A TUSA team member will be in touch to help guide you through the process.

Have questions about the process or need help? Contact us with “Claim My Page” in the subject line to get verified or to customize your page.