$125,549,616Total Received
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Wells Fargo & Co - Investment Non-Lobbyist$28,787,630.80
Frost Bank - Investment Non-Lobbyist$13,365,220.70
Edward Jones - Investment Non-Lobbyist$3,650,000.00
Wealth & Fiduciary Services - Investment Non-Lobbyist$3,278,939.37
Aggregated Unitemized Expenditures Non-Lobbyist$2,051,945.08
Murphy Nasica & Associates Non-Lobbyist$1,734,698.05
Raymond James Financial Services Advisors Inc - Investment Non-Lobbyist$1,598,015.54
Cross Screen Media Non-Lobbyist$1,277,853.06
Goldman Sachs Bank - Investment Non-Lobbyist$756,517.11
Paychex Inc Non-Lobbyist$729,402.33
American Express Private$710,667.34
The PAC for Americas Future Federal Non-Lobbyist$628,017.37
Department of US Treasury IRS Non-Lobbyist$559,862.32
Air Partner Inc Non-Lobbyist$549,801.06
Axiom Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$450,873.01
Thematic Non-Lobbyist$414,116.30
Ragnar Research Partners LLC Non-Lobbyist$400,250.00
Perkins Coie LLP Non-Lobbyist$362,638.67
Sarah Whitley Non-Lobbyist$355,482.51
Lesley Briones Campaign Non-Lobbyist$352,197.99
Guest & Gray Non-Lobbyist$348,916.99
Non-Texas Expenditures Non-Lobbyist$344,281.86
First Bank Texas - Investment Non-Lobbyist$300,000.00
Norway Hill Associates Inc Non-Lobbyist$299,688.72
John Doner & Associates Inc Non-Lobbyist$292,913.30