$416,853,035Total Received
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Frost Bank - Investment Non-Lobbyist$31,058,996.65
US Treasury - Investment Non-Lobbyist$18,576,860.69
Murphy Nasica & Associates Non-Lobbyist$9,596,748.88
Edward Jones - Investment Non-Lobbyist$3,200,000.00
Neumann & Company Non-Lobbyist$3,083,769.93
The Eppstein Group Private$2,608,701.33
Thomas Graphics Inc Non-Lobbyist$2,582,924.39
US Postal Service Non-Lobbyist$2,498,465.28
ORRA SGS Non-Lobbyist$2,428,458.59
DDC Advocacy LLC Non-Lobbyist$2,301,420.10
American Express Private$2,200,492.56
Axiom Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$2,147,722.41
Department of US Treasury IRS Non-Lobbyist$2,129,846.72
Expenditures Not Related to Texas Non-Lobbyist$2,058,293.34
Strategic Media Placement Non-Lobbyist$2,040,193.00
The Yates Company Non-Lobbyist$1,983,647.62
Aggregated Unitemized Expenditures Non-Lobbyist$1,873,395.86
Berry Communications Non-Lobbyist$1,824,091.93
Mammoth Marketing Group Non-Lobbyist$1,783,162.60
Targeted Victory Non-Lobbyist$1,684,589.38
Wishlist Direct / VoterDirect Texas Non-Lobbyist$1,642,320.03
Ubs Financial Services - Investment Non-Lobbyist$1,636,053.83
Lilly & Company Non-Lobbyist$1,486,302.84
Texas Petition Strategies Private$1,471,450.00
KC Strategies LLC Non-Lobbyist$1,448,872.99