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2023 April Lobby04/10/202303/01/202303/31/2023Includes Jan., Feb., Mar. lobby
2023 July Lobby07/10/202306/01/202306/30/2023Includes May and June lobby
2023 July Semiannual07/17/202301/01/202306/30/2023
2023 Oct. Lobby10/10/202309/01/202309/30/2023Includes Aug. and Sept. lobby
2023 Special Election10/30/202309/29/202310/28/2023
2023 Annual lobbying01/10/202401/01/202312/31/2023Includes Nov., Dec. and Jan. lobby
2024 Jan. Semiannual01/16/202401/01/202312/31/2023
2024 30 Day Pre-Primary02/05/202401/01/202401/25/2024
2024 8 Day Pre-Primary02/26/202401/26/202402/24/2024
2024 April Lobby04/10/202403/01/202403/31/2024Includes Feb. and Mar. Lobby
2024 Runoff Report05/20/202402/25/202405/18/2024Included 2024 May Lobby
2024 July Semiannual07/15/202401/01/202406/30/2024Included June and July Lobby
2024 8 Day Pre-General10/28/202409/27/202410/26/2024Includes Lobby Reports (Aug., Sept, Oct) and 30 Day Pre-General
2024 Annual Lobby01/10/202501/01/202412/31/2024Includes Nov., Dec., Jan., and Annual Lobby Reports