$370,362,864Total Contributions
$351,345,376Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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ActBlue Texas $23,660,159.47$25,179,599.67
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC $17,992,988.94$18,857,188.54
Forward Majority Action (DISSOLVED) $17,416,647.26$7,184,000.00
Texas REALTORS Political Action Committee $11,583,161.36$47,561,870.85
Forward Majority Action Texas $11,522,342.88$12,331,513.78
House Democratic Campaign Committee $11,082,784.89$10,319,953.63
Republican State Leadership Committee PAC and Individual Account $10,753,508.51$10,761,750.60
The Charles Butt Public Education Political Action Committee $10,003,358.73$657,081.04
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign Fund $8,100,166.37$7,444,795.34
The PAC for America's Future -TX $7,725,262.48$2,856,154.78
Republican Party of Texas $6,889,163.18$7,911,055.86
Judicial Fairness PAC $4,545,217.51$4,711,319.50
Powered by People $4,527,315.72$4,635,774.62
Texas Democratic Party $3,887,846.83$3,908,714.14
Brady PAC (DISSOLVED) $3,787,893.01$1,968,716.44
Texans for Insurance Reform $3,511,800.00$3,371,644.72
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PAC $3,166,100.20$2,823,018.12
Texas Leads PAC $3,106,000.00$936,889.31
BNSF Railway Company RAILPAC $3,102,153.19$418,501.23
Annie's List $3,075,338.48$2,988,246.44
National Democratic Redistricting Committee $3,073,463.19$2,091,270.62
Lone Star Project Nonfederal $3,034,358.73$1,551,281.24
Texas Now PAC $2,978,584.75$2,845,042.46
United Services Automobile Association Employee PAC $2,937,144.07$812,159.41
Pro-Life America General Purpose Committee (DISSOLVED) $2,900,931.68$2,800,147.46