$245,562,858Total Contributions
$276,136,625Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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ActBlue Texas $9,929,767.43$10,168,603.78
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC $9,812,926.44$8,621,969.39
Texas REALTORS Political Action Committee $9,531,386.39$60,500,567.90
Empower Texans PAC (DISSOLVED) $5,859,479.00$5,774,309.28
Republican Party of Texas $5,453,741.41$5,852,727.89
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign Fund $4,935,996.24$5,027,898.99
Annie's List $3,748,970.15$3,823,753.89
BNSF Railway Company RAILPAC $3,395,746.14$453,576.51
Republican State Leadership Committee PAC and Individual Account $3,324,526.00$3,943,807.06
United Services Automobile Association Employee PAC $3,264,720.97$986,133.76
Texas Right To Life PAC $3,199,588.32$3,502,539.85
Texas Justice & Public Safety PAC $3,010,000.00$3,657,754.04
Union Pacific Corp. Fund For Effective Government $3,006,060.57$671,276.10
Harris County Republican Party (CEC) $2,937,470.14$2,714,839.73
TOP Political Action Committee (DISSOLVED) $2,903,290.03$2,390,731.65
Working Texans for Paid Sick Time (DISSOLVED) $2,536,454.02$2,218,343.41
Texas REALTORS PAC (DISSOLVED) $2,428,801.27$2,650,400.51
Border Health PAC $2,310,313.39$2,569,572.04
Exelon Corporation Political Action Committee (DISSOLVED) $2,246,177.93$2,182,243.97
Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND $1,888,922.89$1,235,114.75
Texas Medical Association Political Action Committee $1,877,615.19$1,229,024.95
Valero Energy Corporation PAC $1,843,831.50$1,690,034.93
Texas Trial Lawyers Association PAC $1,699,584.13$1,400,462.96
Forward Majority Action 527 Texas PAC (DISSOLVED) $1,667,662.19$1,227,467.89
Battleground Texas $1,608,468.92$1,704,858.18