Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC
Texas Committee
$35,318,215Cash on Hand
$12,058,155Total Contributions
$20,675,637Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this committee during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$1,019,305.00 Richard Weekley INDIVIDUAL
$1,000,000.00 H Ross Perot Jr INDIVIDUAL
$1,000,000.00 Melinda and Jeffery D Hildebrand INDIVIDUAL
$500,000.00 Joe C Walter III INDIVIDUAL
$500,000.00 Sharoll and Bryan S Sheffield INDIVIDUAL
$300,000.00 David and Bonnie Weekley INDIVIDUAL
$300,000.00 Michael G Manners INDIVIDUAL
$250,000.00 Kenneth Fisher INDIVIDUAL
$250,000.00 Stephen T Winn INDIVIDUAL
$250,000.00 Trevor Rees-Jones INDIVIDUAL
$125,000.00 Douglas Schnitzer INDIVIDUAL
$125,000.00 Lisa and Kenneth Schnitzer INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Al A Gonsoulin INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Carl Sewell Jr INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Cherie and K Alan Hassenflu INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 David and Diane Modesett INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Dian G Stai INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Donald L Poarch INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Frank B McGuyer INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 HPCP Investments LLC ENTITY
$100,000.00 J Murry Bowden INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Jim R Smith INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 John Carona INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Johnny Isbell Jr INDIVIDUAL
$100,000.00 Joseph B Swinbank INDIVIDUAL