$359,062,424Total Contributions
$395,904,572Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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NC Democratic Party - State $56,329,752.00$39,621,282.69
North Carolina Republican Party $30,616,901.67$30,519,501.15
NC Democratic Leadership Committee "Ncdlc" $27,084,732.00$24,797,261.49
Citizens for a Better North Carolina $23,600,450.00$24,614,104.11
North Carolina Senate Majority Fund $20,365,209.64$28,993,595.15
Wilkes Republican Party $10,289,103.66$82,575.53
Beyond Carbon Victory Fund (Closed (Pending)) $8,793,580.33$8,763,843.66
Marsy's Law for North Carolina LLC (Closed) $8,642,093.23$8,642,093.23
North Carolina Families First (NC Families First) $8,236,975.00$8,882,307.16
Citizens for a Better NC Senate $8,007,832.70$9,881,210.78
Stop Deceptive Amendments (Closed) $7,819,291.00$7,800,000.00
A Better NC $5,190,000.00$4,565,978.69
Stop Liberal Judges $5,162,220.66$5,160,317.82
Citizens for a Better NC House $4,905,000.00$7,486,955.51
NC Realtors PAC $4,578,373.83$4,045,598.69
Conservation Votes PAC $4,450,893.30$4,268,413.13
Daga People's Lawyer Project NC (Closed) $4,228,491.53$4,228,491.53
Old North PAC $4,087,185.68$4,087,185.68
Planned Parenthood Action PAC NC $3,351,554.19$3,213,782.76
NC House Republican Campaign Committee $3,343,858.07$3,905,047.13
NC Citizens for Protecting Our Schools $3,280,000.00$4,061,163.17
NC Republican Council of State Committee $2,685,274.83$2,993,734.38
North Carolina Leadership Committee $2,681,874.00$2,598,994.57
Truth and Prosperity Inc $2,582,336.52$2,584,370.67
Employees PAC $1,710,136.54$1,404,707.79