$26,563,993Total Contributions
$14,149,524Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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NC Democratic Leadership Committee "Ncdlc" $6,265,414.50$1,013,567.56
North Carolina Republican Party $1,615,679.97$1,258,509.96
Neighbors Helping NC Inc $936,828.30$672,214.87
NC Realtors PAC $896,900.72$551,042.99
NC Democratic Party - State $817,985.40$374,376.88
NC Republican Council of State Committee $682,751.00$192,692.67
North Carolina Senate Majority Fund $619,060.00$236,812.57
Mecklenburg Democratic Party $563,284.41$233,118.83
Coalition for a Better 2050 $530,500.00$611,010.80
The Carolina Federation Freedom PAC $403,000.36$180.35
Patriots First $384,100.00$28,617.40
Conservation Votes PAC $300,000.00$3,710.00
Planned Parenthood Action PAC NC $294,850.40$89,845.72
NC Auto Dealers Assn PAC $250,555.64$33,341.57
Employees PAC $239,784.16$13,185.03
NC Home Builders Assn PAC $239,071.55$37,213.11
NC Health Care Facilities Assn PAC $223,508.37$80,856.01
Carolina Asphalt Pavement Assn PAC $200,338.55$138,869.45
Citizens for a Better North Carolina $200,000.00$23,084.47
Mainstreet Merchants for a Better NC $180,000.00$0.00
Reap Dba as NC Electric Coporatives PAC "Ncpac" $177,327.86$325.00
NC Beer & Wine Wholesalers Assn PAC $174,216.00$126,175.20
Durham Democratic Party $166,558.61$25,186.21
NC Assn of Nurse Anesthetists PAC $161,938.48$25,593.22
Greater Charlotte Republican Woman $157,043.94$119,770.12