$97,760,740Total Contributions
$107,244,072Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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NC Democratic Party - State $17,144,874.17$13,476,103.57
North Carolina Republican Party $11,694,354.00$11,906,002.97
North Carolina Senate Majority Fund $8,256,522.56$11,367,720.50
Citizens for a Better North Carolina $7,475,000.00$8,002,543.53
North Carolina Families First (NC Families First) $5,715,000.00$3,443,341.00
Stop Liberal Judges $5,150,000.00$5,148,603.78
NC Democratic Leadership Committee "Ncdlc" $3,274,850.00$2,897,885.39
Planned Parenthood Action PAC NC $2,159,370.00$2,111,387.08
NC Realtors PAC $1,786,433.77$1,583,129.70
North Carolina Property Rights Fund Inc $1,390,173.75$511,411.00
NC House Republican Campaign Committee $954,000.00$1,031,301.89
Conservation Votes PAC $846,353.00$787,328.72
Voter Education Network $802,500.00$799,029.54
Wake Republican Party $673,640.94$646,104.89
Coalition for a Better 2050 $649,530.00$543,187.74
Tough and Fair Judges $600,330.00$1,180,527.46
NC Republican Council of State Committee $590,791.52$173,910.06
Carolina Asphalt Pavement Assn PAC $420,292.76$356,058.24
Mainstreet Merchants for a Better NC $407,500.00$369,093.95
NC Home Builders Assn PAC $402,603.23$373,999.18
NC Assn of Electric Cooperatives Rural Electric Action Program $397,448.85$313,912.11
Friends of Wake County $395,729.61$357,608.64
Employees PAC $391,133.31$168,599.77
Orange Democratic Party $379,621.59$536,589.49
NC Auto Dealers Assn PAC $378,661.61$394,909.50