$156,556,086Total Contributions
$194,423,382Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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NC Democratic Party - State $22,751,311.03$13,760,571.39
NC Democratic Leadership Committee "Ncdlc" $21,922,782.00$21,728,032.70
Citizens for a Better North Carolina $15,925,450.00$16,592,064.57
Beyond Carbon Victory Fund (Closed (Pending)) $8,793,580.33$8,763,843.66
Citizens for a Better NC Senate $7,992,832.70$9,867,131.54
North Carolina Republican Party $7,959,261.86$7,892,925.90
North Carolina Senate Majority Fund $7,333,999.72$10,604,449.67
A Better NC $5,190,000.00$4,421,636.69
Citizens for a Better NC House $4,610,000.00$7,191,394.04
Daga People's Lawyer Project NC (Closed) $4,228,491.53$4,228,491.53
Old North PAC $4,087,185.68$4,087,185.68
North Carolina Families First (NC Families First) $2,521,975.00$2,475,675.16
North Carolina Leadership Committee $2,340,165.27$2,213,063.21
NC House Republican Campaign Committee $2,333,300.00$2,762,853.72
Conservation Votes PAC $2,313,940.30$2,194,085.82
Truth and Prosperity Inc $1,523,240.85$2,504,750.95
NC Realtors PAC $1,247,776.03$1,207,753.86
Partnership for a Better Mecklenburg $1,130,662.00$1,091,899.25
Planned Parenthood Votes $814,409.02$1,074,118.44
Planned Parenthood Action PAC NC $786,021.71$775,037.01
Build a Better Future Committee $650,000.00$645,544.23
Employees PAC $589,835.16$656,877.01
Planned Parenthood Votes! North Carolina PAC $540,051.40$269,204.47
Progress NC Action Ie PAC $507,000.00$502,705.90
Wake Republican Party $498,263.90$389,409.25