$93,672,174Total Contributions
$89,315,806Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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NC Democratic Party - State $15,615,581.40$12,010,230.85
Wilkes Republican Party $10,242,664.00$21,359.34
North Carolina Republican Party $10,110,154.63$10,034,685.54
Marsy's Law for North Carolina LLC (Closed) $8,618,674.10$8,390,251.15
Stop Deceptive Amendments (Closed) $7,819,291.00$7,731,669.00
North Carolina Senate Majority Fund $4,724,387.36$6,862,609.44
NC Citizens for Protecting Our Schools $3,280,000.00$3,785,102.00
NC Republican Council of State Committee $1,618,462.65$318,004.72
Conservation Votes PAC $1,290,600.00$1,283,765.59
NC Realtors PAC $1,162,161.20$1,055,654.03
By the People (Closed) $1,100,343.57$1,092,921.81
Truth and Prosperity Inc $1,059,095.67$46,126.70
Vote Yes for Bonds Committee $997,151.54$723,645.87
NC Voter Id $923,500.00$1,829,581.00
Employees PAC $602,029.27$579,231.01
Progress NC Action Ie PAC $525,000.00$520,247.75
Home Builders Education Fund Inc $500,000.00$281,010.83
NC Growth and Prosperity Committee Inc (Closed) $500,000.00$23,395.18
NC Advocates for Justice PAC $382,169.34$394,665.25
NC Assn of Electric Cooperatives Rural Electric Action Program $368,082.66$298,489.00
Ncsfaa PAC Inc $343,506.84$202,043.71
NC Dental Society PAC $337,872.92$282,291.29
Wake Republican Party $336,526.76$281,967.86
NC Home Builders Assn PAC $335,440.47$323,186.63
NC Restaurant & Lodging Assn PAC $330,570.70$264,567.94