North Carolina Finance Summary
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North Carolina Government:

Governor: Roy Cooper (D)

Lieutenant Governor: Mark Robinson (R)

Attorney General: Josh Stein (D)

Secretary of State: Elaine Marshall (D)

Commissioner of Agriculture: Steve Troxler (R)

Commissioner of Insurance: Mike Causey (R)

Commissioner of Labor: Josh Dobson (R)

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Catherine Truitt (R)

State Treasurer: Dale Folwell (R)

State Auditor: Beth Wood (D)

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Campaign Finance Snapshot
Total Contributions
Candidate Contributions
PAC Contributions
Total Expenditures
Candidate Expenditures
PAC Expenditures
Top Candidates
CandidateTotal DonationsTotal Expenditures
Roy Cooper $41,050,292.66$38,393,734.65
Josh Stein $13,305,687.04$12,324,064.59
Dan Forest $11,820,278.97$10,365,048.08
Phil E Berger $5,274,483.54$5,090,349.45
Timothy K Moore $4,494,704.28$4,533,882.20
Tess Judge $3,523,629.55$2,299,569.82
Terri LeGrand $3,465,273.63$2,941,688.50
Rachel Hunt $2,582,074.49$1,977,784.63
JD Wooten $2,561,401.40$2,205,241.97
Harper Peterson $2,429,259.06$1,647,735.48
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Top PACs
PACTotal DonationsTotal Expenditures
NC Democratic Party - State $39,361,411.22$26,489,690.21
NC Democratic Leadership Committee "Ncdlc" $22,520,032.00$21,998,461.36
North Carolina Republican Party $18,994,154.39$18,652,445.36
Citizens for a Better North Carolina $15,925,450.00$16,592,064.57
North Carolina Senate Majority Fund $12,101,837.08$17,533,039.25
Wilkes Republican Party $10,271,438.27$58,366.18
Beyond Carbon Victory Fund (Closed (Pending)) $8,793,580.33$8,763,843.66
Marsy's Law for North Carolina LLC $8,642,093.23$8,642,093.23
Citizens for a Better NC Senate $7,992,832.70$9,867,131.54
Stop Deceptive Amendments (Closed (Pending)) $7,819,291.00$7,800,000.00
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