Thomas Graphics Inc
$814,989Total Received

This organization has been paid by the candidates and political action committees (PACs) listed below.

Total Payments (Click to sort Ascending)Candidate (Click to sort Ascending)PAC (Click to sort Ascending)
$341,468.21 Texas Federation for Children PAC
$205,335.75 Greg Abbott Texans for Greg Abbott
$47,111.42 Dan Flynn Flynn, Dan (The Honorable)
$33,088.20 Energize the Expo PAC
$27,118.38 Austin Reeve Jackson Jackson, Austin Reeve (Mr.)
$26,053.77 Republican Party of Texas
$17,664.24 Bill Strieber Strieber, Bill
$15,726.25 Brooks Frederick Landgraf Landgraf, Brooks Frederick (The Honorable)
$13,366.83 Nathan Hecht Chief Justice Nathan Hecht Campaign
$11,921.36 Brett Busby Busby, Justin B. (The Honorable)
$11,712.64 George Bush Bush, George P. (The Honorable)
$11,528.63 Jennifer Forgey Forgey, Jenny Roan (Mrs.)
$8,270.24 Glenn Hegar Hegar Jr., Glenn A. (The Honorable)
$7,142.47 Kelly Hancock Texans for Kelly Hancock SPAC
$6,756.78 Ryan Sitton Sitton, Ryan (The Honorable)
$5,500.00 Jane Bland Bland, Jane N. (The Honorable)
$5,461.22 Texas Association of Realtors Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee
$4,495.48 Sydney Hewlett Hewlett, Sydney B. (The Honorable)
$2,781.83 Cody Harris Harris, Cody J. (The Honorable)
$2,478.93 Larry Delarose Delarose, Larry M. (Mr.)
$1,920.00 Steve Allison Allison, Stephen P. (The Honorable)
$1,242.72 Texas Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee
$1,118.00 Tracy Christopher Christopher, Tracy E. (The Honorable)
$1,004.01 Wayne Christian Christian, Walter Wayne (The Honorable)
$806.46 Robert Nichols Nichols, Robert Lee (The Honorable)