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$670,149Total Received

This organization has been paid by the candidates and political action committees (PACs) listed below.

Total Payments (Click to sort Ascending)Candidate (Click to sort Ascending)PAC (Click to sort Ascending)
$128,000.00 Joanna Cattanach Cattanach, Joanna R. (Ms.)
$90,150.00 Maricela Moore Moore, Maricela (The Honorable)
$54,860.00 Eric Moye Moye, Eric V. (The Honorable)
$51,317.99 Stephen Craig Smith Smith, Stephen Craig (The Honorable)
$50,450.00 Bonnie Goldstein Goldstein, Bonnie L. (The Honorable)
$48,250.00 Monica McCoy Purdy Purdy, Monica McCoy (Mrs.)
$34,857.94 Rafael Anchia Anchia, Rafael M. (The Honorable)
$20,642.42 Dennise Garcia Garcia, Dennise (The Honorable)
$19,500.00 Michelle Beckley Beckley, Michelle J. (Ms.)
$17,168.73 Brandon Birmingham Birmingham, Brandon T. (The Honorable)
$16,700.00 Alison Grinter Grinter, Alison J. (Ms.)
$13,500.00 Eddie Morales Jr Morales Jr., Heriberto (Mr.)
$13,350.00 Michael Payma Payma, Michael D. (Mr.)
$10,850.00 Mike Snipes Snipes, Michael R. (The Honorable)
$10,750.00 Sandre Streete Moncriffe Moncriffe, Sandre Streete (Mrs.)
$10,000.00 Carol C Donovan Donovan, Carol C. (Ms.)
$8,930.00 Dominique Collins Collins, Dominique L. (The Honorable)
$8,429.50 Tina Yoo Clinton Clinton, Tina (Judge)
$7,000.00 Lorenzo Sanchez Sanchez, Lorenzo (Mr.)
$6,780.00 Amy Clark Meachum Meachum, Amy C. (The Honorable)
$6,617.99 Ken Molberg Molberg, Kenneth H. (The Honorable)
$4,519.85 Samuel Johnson Johnson, Samuel H. (Mr.)
$3,650.00 Christy Albano Albano, Christine G. (Ms.)
$3,330.00 Gisela Triana Triana, Gisela D. (The Honorable)
$3,000.00 Tonya Parker Parker, Tonya (The Honorable)