Jesse Ancira Jr
$1,782,790Minimum Amount
$3,376,620Maximum Amount
Lobbying Clients

This page displays the cumulative amounts these organizations have contracted to pay this lobbyist. Because lobbyists are allowed to report their income in ranges, minimum and maximum amounts are shown.

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Max Amount
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Raise Your Hand Texas for Public Schools Private$375,190.00$562,779.98
Texas Municipal League Taxpayer-Funded$375,190.00$562,779.98
Las Vegas Sands Corporation Private$187,590.00$375,189.98
LCRA Taxpayer-Funded$187,590.00$375,189.98
Samsung Semiconductor Austin LLC Private$94,440.00$188,889.99
BNSF Railway a Berkshire Hathaway Corporation Private$93,800.00$187,589.98
Professional Bondsmen of Texas Private$93,800.00$187,589.98
Texas Charter Schools Association Taxpayer-Funded$93,800.00$187,589.98
Gordon Hartman Family Foundation Private$93,150.00$186,299.99
BlackRock Inc Private$47,220.00$94,439.99
TML Health Benefits Pool Private$47,220.00$94,439.99
Travis Central Appraisal District Taxpayer-Funded$47,220.00$94,439.99
City of San Antonio Taxpayer-Funded$46,580.00$93,149.99
Instructional Materials Coordinators' Association of Texas Private$0.00$37,249.98
Leander Independent School District Taxpayer-Funded$0.00$37,249.98
Texas Association of Community Schools Taxpayer-Funded$0.00$37,249.98
Texas Association of School Administrators Taxpayer-Funded$0.00$37,249.98
Water Lens LLC Private$0.00$37,249.98