City of San Antonio
$642,040Minimum Amount
$1,478,850Maximum Amount
Lobbyist Summary

This organization hires the lobbyists listed below to advocate for their interests in Austin. This organization is also listed as a payee when they are paid by a candidate or committee. View those transactions here.

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Joe D Valenzuela Lobbyist for Ancira Strategic Partners LLP$101,080.00$202,179.98
Brandon Todd Aghamalian Consultant$41,740.00$104,349.98
Curtis L Seidlits Jr Consultant$41,740.00$104,349.98
Lynlie M Wallace Legislative and Regulatory Counsel$41,740.00$104,349.98
Snapper L Carr Consultant$41,740.00$104,349.98
Carol McGarah Consultant$50,540.00$101,089.99
Carolyn Merchan Saegert Attorney/lobbyist for Ancira Strategic Partners LLP$50,540.00$101,089.99
Carrie Simmons lobbyist$50,540.00$101,089.99
Colby Reed Nichols Attorney/Partner for Ancira Strategic Partners, LLP$50,540.00$101,089.99
Jesse Ancira Jr Lobbyist for Ancira Strategic Partners LLP$50,540.00$101,089.99
Marc A Rodriguez Legislative Consultant$50,540.00$101,089.99
Michael Toomey lobbyist$50,540.00$101,089.99
Andrew Keefer Consultant$20,220.00$50,539.99
Charles T Bell Legislative Consultant$0.00$20,219.99
Micah Anthony Rodriguez Attorney$0.00$20,219.99
Russell T Kelley Consultant$0.00$20,219.99
Sara Sachde Consultant$0.00$20,219.99
Susan T Nold Attorney/Consultant$0.00$20,219.99