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Total Contributions
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$1,098,534.05 Texas REALTORS Issues Political Action Committee
$871,626.85 Texas REALTORS Political Action Committee
$206,064.32 Cindi Bulla Bulla, Cynthia Diane
$161,519.25 Austin Board of REALTORS Political Action Committee
$56,143.79 Nathan Johnson Johnson, Nathan M. (The Honorable)
$50,025.00 Dade Phelan Phelan, Matthew M. (The Honorable)
$50,000.00 Greg Abbott Texans for Greg Abbott
$48,057.50 Reggie Smith Smith, Reginald (The Honorable)
$39,408.10 Greater Fort Worth Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee
$39,234.65 John Kuempel Kuempel, John L. (The Honorable)
$38,939.79 Justin Holland Holland, Justin A. (The Honorable)
$38,414.98 DeWayne Burns Burns, DeWayne C. (The Honorable)
$36,642.87 Drew Darby Darby, Drew (The Honorable)
$35,226.21 Hugh Shine Shine, Hugh D. (The Honorable)
$33,582.43 Lynn Stucky Stucky, Lynn D. (The Honorable)
$30,451.04 Steve Allison Allison, Stephen P. (The Honorable)
$29,714.00 Amarillo Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee
$28,195.43 Cody Harris Harris, Cody J. (The Honorable)
$26,801.77 Kronda Thimesch Thimesch, Kronda (The Honorable)
$26,335.30 Stan Lambert Lambert, Standard D. (The Honorable)
$25,051.04 David Spiller Spiller, David L. (The Honorable)
$25,000.00 Dan Patrick Texans for Dan Patrick
$25,000.00 Glenn M Rogers Rogers, Glenn M. (The Honorable)
$24,987.69 Jay Dean Dean, Jay (The Honorable)
$23,406.45 Stan Gerdes Gerdes, Stanley Arthur (The Honorable)