Harris County Republican Party (CEC)
Texas Committee
$308,188Cash on Hand
$329,832Total Contributions
$286,307Total Expenditures
Financial Activity
Top Contributors
Total Contributions
$57,000.00 Brandon Creighton ENTITY
$47,500.00 David Middleton II INDIVIDUAL
$40,000.00 Republican Party of Texas ENTITY
$30,000.00 Melinda and Jeffery D Hildebrand INDIVIDUAL
$25,100.00 Cherie and K Alan Hassenflu INDIVIDUAL
$25,000.00 Richard Weekley INDIVIDUAL
$15,000.00 David P Peacock INDIVIDUAL
$15,000.00 Dolores De La Garza INDIVIDUAL
$15,000.00 Douglas Schnitzer INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Dan Patrick ENTITY
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Top Payees
Total Expenditures
$226,307.07 Harris County Republican Party (CEC) ENTITY
$40,000.00 Andy Taylor & Associates PC ENTITY
$20,000.00 Sonya L Aston Law PLLC ENTITY
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Transparency USA | 08/01/2019
Nearly $70 million has already been pumped into the accounts of Texas candidates and PACs for the 2020 elections. Who’s giving all that money? Lots of everyday Texans. Ninety-seven percent of all contributions so far have been for $1,000 or less. 
Tracy Marshall | 05/01/2019
With the 86th legislative session rapidly drawing to a close, all eyes are on the Senate and House bills that could reform Texas property taxes — and now, by extension, school financing — if they are passed in time.
Transparency USA | 12/05/2018
And these numbers may tell only part of the story. The totals don’t include any political donations these men and women have given to candidates in federal races, such as the O’Rourke vs. Cruz battle. Moreover, these numbers don’t reflect any donations given to 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) organizations. Courts have ruled that these groups do not have to divulge their donors in order to protect the donors’ rights to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.