Defend Texas Liberty PAC
Texas Committee
$355,746Cash on Hand
$4,613,922Total Contributions
$4,649,068Total Expenditures

This page displays the individual contributions made by these contributors to this committee during the selected election cycle.

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$1,500,000.00 Farris & JoAnn Wilks 06/23/2023OwnerWilks Brothers LLCINDIVIDUAL
$1,500,000.00 Timothy M and Terri Dunn 06/23/2023CEOCrownquestINDIVIDUAL
$316,000.00 Timothy M and Terri Dunn 06/22/2023CEOCrownquestINDIVIDUAL
$250,000.00 Hexagon Partners LTD 09/21/2023ENTITY
$200,000.00 Hexagon Partners LTD 08/10/2023ENTITY
$200,000.00 Timothy M and Terri Dunn 02/02/2023CEOCrownquestINDIVIDUAL
$175,000.00 Timothy M and Terri Dunn 06/30/2023CEOCrownquestINDIVIDUAL
$145,850.00 Cheryl and Alex Fairly 06/01/2023CEOFairly GroupINDIVIDUAL
$140,000.00 Timothy M and Terri Dunn 03/27/2023CEOCrownquestINDIVIDUAL
$50,000.00 Carol Adams 08/14/2023SelfInvestorINDIVIDUAL
$25,000.00 David & Windi Grimes II 07/07/2023InvestorSelfINDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00 Dealon LLC 04/24/2023ENTITY
$19,500.00 Dealon LLC 07/14/2023ENTITY
$15,000.00 Dealon LLC 05/04/2023ENTITY
$12,000.00 Cheryl and Alex Fairly 08/11/2023CEOFairly GroupINDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Dealon LLC 09/05/2023ENTITY
$10,000.00 Peter Morrison 07/10/2023FillMagnolia LaurelINDIVIDUAL
$2,500.00 Jr Lazar 08/25/2023RetiredRetiredINDIVIDUAL
$2,500.00 Paul Owens 06/06/2023RetiredRetiredINDIVIDUAL
$1,041.02 Maggie Somers 10/06/2023RetiredRetiredINDIVIDUAL
$1,041.02 Ruth Chambers 07/12/2023RetiredRetiredINDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Brent Lawson 09/18/2023RetiredRetiredINDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Don Gwyn & Sparks 10/24/2023RetiredRetiredINDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Sandra Lawson 09/28/2023TeacherQuest Academy WhitewrightINDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Wiley Cavin 09/29/2023SelfSelfINDIVIDUAL