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Contributing Writer | 01/14/2020
In 2018 the average spent by politicians who won a seat in the Texas House of Representatives was $354,099. As with any average, it doesn’t tell the whole story. While some candidates won their seats on a shoestring budget, six House Representatives doled out well in excess of one million dollars during their campaign. Occupying the top spot in 2018 — and outspending the second highest person on the list by more than $700,000 — was Republican House Rep. Mayes Middleton (R, HD 23), who spent $2.3 million to win House District 23. 
Contributing Writer | 08/01/2019
Nearly $70 million has already been pumped into the accounts of Texas candidates and PACs for the 2020 elections. Who’s giving all that money? Lots of everyday Texans. Ninety-seven percent of all contributions so far have been for $1,000 or less. 
Contributing Writer | 05/21/2019
Texas Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen apparently struck a deal with House Democrats to use the Calendars Committee to kill several conservative bills, as reported today by The Dallas Morning News.