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Contributing Writer | 01/20/2021
For the 2020 election cycle (2019 – 2020), more than $109 million in taxpayer dollars is being spent to lobby Austin politicians. With our Lobbying Data feature, Texans can see which organizations are hiring lobbyists, who they’re hiring, and how much they’re spending. In addition to pulling back the curtain on lobbying — the largest source of money and influence on Texas lawmakers — we have also divided the organizations hiring lobbyists into two categories: those who are taxpayer-funded and those who are privately-funded. 
Contributing Writer | 04/14/2020
Texas House District 92, which includes Hurst, Euless, Bedford and parts of Arlington, Fort Worth and Grand Prairie, has been targeted by Democrats in their effort to gain control of the Texas House. Needing only nine more seats to flip the House to the blue column, Democrats are targeting a list of house districts that were won by narrow margins. House District 92 is at the top of their list. 
Contributing Writer | 01/14/2020
In 2018 the average spent by politicians who won a seat in the Texas House of Representatives was $354,099. As with any average, it doesn’t tell the whole story. While some candidates won their seats on a shoestring budget, six House Representatives doled out well in excess of one million dollars during their campaign. Occupying the top spot in 2018 — and outspending the second highest person on the list by more than $700,000 — was Republican House Rep. Mayes Middleton (R, HD 23), who spent $2.3 million to win House District 23.