Roberto Alonzo
Railroad Commission (D)
$12,842Cash on Hand
$42,125Total Donations
$32,065Total Expenditures
Financial Activity
Top Donors
Total DonationsNameType
$13,000.00 United Food and Commercial Workers International Union Active ENTITY
$5,000.00 Josue Correa INDIVIDUAL
$5,000.00 Tony Ross INDIVIDUAL
$2,625.03 ActBlue Texas ENTITY
$2,500.00 John Lopez INDIVIDUAL
$1,500.00 Gilbert Aranza INDIVIDUAL
$1,500.00 Monica Alonzo Campaign ENTITY
$1,000.00 Gustavo Fernandez INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Olegario Estrada INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Olga Lopez INDIVIDUAL
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Top Expenditures
Total ExpendituresPayeeType
$3,750.00 Texas Democratic Party ENTITY
$2,575.00 Maurauder Marketing ENTITY
$2,175.00 Marauder Marketing ENTITY
$1,600.00 Fts Group LLC ENTITY
$1,573.00 Mexican American Democrats of Texas PAC ENTITY
$1,500.00 Crystal Vargas ENTITY
$1,401.84 Reilly Echols Printing Inc ENTITY
$1,200.00 Gloria Leal INDIVIDUAL
$1,125.00 Maba Dallas ENTITY
$1,100.00 John Lopez Campaign ENTITY
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Top Loans
$5,000.00Roberto AlonzoINDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00Roberto AlonzoINDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00Roberto AlonzoINDIVIDUAL
$250.00Roberto AlonzoINDIVIDUAL
$90.00Roberto AlonzoINDIVIDUAL
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Top Personal Donations

From reports filed by the recipients of these funds, it appears these transactions originated from personal rather than campaign accounts.

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For those staying abreast of the money that backs political power, the upcoming mayoral race in Midland, Texas is one to watch. Although Midland is not among the largest cities in Texas, it has an outsized impact on the Texas and U.S. economies as the energy industry’s epicenter for oil exploration and production. Three candidates are facing off in hopes of becoming the next mayor of Midland. 
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And these numbers may tell only part of the story. The totals don’t include any political donations these men and women have given to candidates in federal races, such as the O’Rourke vs. Cruz battle. Moreover, these numbers don’t reflect any donations given to 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) organizations. Courts have ruled that these groups do not have to divulge their donors in order to protect the donors’ rights to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.
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TLR’s primary focus centers on stopping “frivolous lawsuits” and lawsuits involving “outrageous claims of damages.” Over the past two decades, TLR PAC has invested significant resources in helping elect men and women they believe will vote to strengthen protections for businesses and business owners against frivolous lawsuits. In the past TLR often found themselves on the opposite side of political fights from the powerful Texas Trial Lawyers Association, but as the organization has moved towards the center recently, TLR is now often pitted against more conservative organizations like Empower Texans.