Jon Francis
House of Representatives (R)
$95,626Cash on Hand
$1,433,565Total Donations
$1,316,986Total Expenditures
Financial Activity
Top Donors
Total DonationsNameType
$1,125,000.00 Farris & JoAnn Wilks INDIVIDUAL
$43,800.00 Jon Francis INDIVIDUAL
$25,000.00 Guy Mabee INDIVIDUAL
$17,500.00 Dan & Staci Wilks INDIVIDUAL
$15,000.00 James Leininger INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Jim Moylan Sr INDIVIDUAL
$10,000.00 Timothy M and Terri Dunn INDIVIDUAL
$7,500.00 Rex Gore INDIVIDUAL
$6,500.00 Kyle Wilks INDIVIDUAL
$6,000.00 Michael & Marika Olcott INDIVIDUAL
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Top Expenditures
Total ExpendituresPayeeType
$495,376.17 Anthem Media Inc ENTITY
$147,960.69 Big Dog Strategies ENTITY
$115,945.32 Vici Media Group ENTITY
$98,000.00 Public Opinion Strategies Inc ENTITY
$84,372.00 Stampede Consulting LLC ENTITY
$78,507.94 Macias Strategies LLC ENTITY
$64,161.82 Digital Corporate Companies Inc ENTITY
$26,309.04 Wishlist Direct / VoterDirect Texas ENTITY
$25,564.06 Destin R Sensky INDIVIDUAL
$22,925.74 Jonathan Silva INDIVIDUAL
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Top Loans
$40,000.00Jon FrancisINDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00Jody FrancisINDIVIDUAL
$20,000.00Jon FrancisINDIVIDUAL
$936.21Francis JonINDIVIDUAL
$108.24Francis JonINDIVIDUAL
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Election Day for the party primary runoffs in Texas is this upcoming Tuesday, July 14. All eyes are on elections for the Texas Legislature this round, because the results of these runoffs could have an outsized impact in November. Although primary elections were held back on March 3rd, 16 of those elections have proceeded to a runoff because no candidate was able to garner at least 50 percent of the vote. 
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For the 2020 election cycle (2019 – 2020), more than $107 million in taxpayer dollars is being spent to lobby Austin politicians. With our new Lobbying Data feature, Texans can now see which organizations are hiring lobbyists, who they’re hiring, and how much they’re spending. In addition to pulling back the curtain on lobbying — the largest source of money and influence on Texas lawmakers — we have also divided the organizations hiring lobbyists into two categories: those who are taxpayer-funded and those who are privately-funded. 
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