Janie Lopez
Texas House of Representatives District 37
$10,611Cash on Hand
$128,722Total Contributions
$159,546Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amount given by these contributors to this candidate during the selected election cycle.

Total Contributions
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$55,000.00 Coalition For Texas PAC ENTITY
$47,500.00 Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC ENTITY
$11,963.60 Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign Fund ENTITY
$2,500.00 Koch Industries Inc PAC ENTITY
$1,500.00 Rene A Ramirez INDIVIDUAL
$1,500.00 Richard Weekley INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Maria Brown INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Rene Anzaldua INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Scot Campbell INDIVIDUAL
$1,000.00 Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND ENTITY
$1,000.00 Texas Optometric PAC ENTITY
$1,000.00 Wholesale Beer Distributors Of Texas PAC ENTITY
$500.00 Autry Public Affairs LLC ENTITY
$500.00 Thomas Smith INDIVIDUAL
$260.25 Eric Mahroum INDIVIDUAL
$260.25 Mia McCord INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Frank Parker INDIVIDUAL
$250.00 Wiliiam Yarnell INDIVIDUAL
$182.18 Jeffrey Patterson INDIVIDUAL
$104.10 Taylor Blanton INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Amr Abouleish INDIVIDUAL
$100.00 Bentley Public Affairs LLC ENTITY
$100.00 Neil Patel INDIVIDUAL
$50.00 Jamie McWright INDIVIDUAL
$26.03 Charles Ortiz INDIVIDUAL