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Texas Government:

Governor: Greg Abbott (R)

Lieutenant Governor: Dan Patrick (R)

Attorney General: Ken Paxton (R)

Land Commissioner: George P. Bush (R)

Comptroller: Glenn Hegar (R)

Agriculture Commissioner: Sid Miller (R)

Railroad Commissioners: Christi Craddick (R), Wayne Christian (R), and Ryan Sitton (R). Railroad Commissioners are up for reelection every six years, in alternating terms.

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Campaign Finance Snapshot
Total Contributions
Candidate Contributions
PAC Contributions
Total Expenditures
Candidate Expenditures
PAC Expenditures
Top Candidates
CandidateTotal DonationsTotal Expenditures
Greg Abbott $19,930,347.96$39,950,969.82
Dan Patrick $5,451,232.64$1,435,753.06
Ken Paxton $2,387,279.49$626,591.36
Glenn Hegar $1,573,989.79$3,542,381.14
Christi Craddick $1,312,852.16$807,562.59
George Bush $1,169,377.54$836,070.30
Eddie Lucio JR $1,166,152.16$1,374,799.32
Ryan Sitton $1,090,175.66$800,555.44
Dawn Buckingham $929,784.96$336,979.72
Elizabeth Markowitz $880,910.83$537,146.25
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Top PACs
PACTotal DonationsTotal Expenditures
Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC $7,647,793.94$2,537,500.32
ActBlue Texas $6,113,428.23$5,960,058.82
Texas Association of REALTORS Political Action Committee $5,240,349.75$24,275,288.86
Texas Leads PAC $3,106,000.00$306,866.55
Associated Republicans of Texas Campaign Fund $2,979,912.71$1,279,312.37
Texas Forever Forward $2,645,612.59$271,045.89
Texas Now PAC $2,213,584.75$52,392.70
BNSF Railway Company RAILPAC $1,690,760.95$314,585.60
Republican Party of Texas $1,639,094.55$1,074,523.20
Annie's List $1,534,185.83$1,693,472.60
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Top Lobbyists
LobbyistLobbyist BusinessMinimum AmountMaximum Amount
Daniel Hodge Strategic & Public Affairs Consulting$5,395,002.00$8,069,999.40
Andrea McWilliams McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants$3,970,014.00$7,589,999.15
Dean R McWilliams McWilliams Governmental Affairs Consultants$3,405,014.00$6,814,999.17
Carol McGarah Consultant$3,235,017.00$6,194,999.01
Russell T Kelley Consultant$3,325,015.00$6,149,999.01
Todd M Smith Impact Texas Communicaions, LLP$3,360,002.00$5,169,999.50
John R Clay Jr Crestline Solutions, LLC$2,485,000.00$4,324,999.55
Brian G Yarbrough Attorney$2,225,002.00$4,269,999.54
Royce Pabst Poinsett Attorney$2,100,002.00$4,219,999.52
Robert D Miller Attorney$2,435,006.00$4,109,999.48
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Top Donors
Michael & Mary Porter $1,425,000.00
Janet L Duncan $1,411,548.47
S Javaid Anwar $1,328,300.00
Richard Weekley $1,037,360.94
James D Pitcock Jr $967,050.00
Ray L and Nancy Hunt $950,500.00
Farris & JoAnn Wilks $887,500.00
H Ross Perot Jr $862,728.00
John L and Barbara Nau III $824,130.29
Kelcy L Warren $782,000.00
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Battleground 2020
Tracy Marshall | 06/22/2020

We are proud to announce our new feature, Battleground 2020: Texas House of Representatives. From today until the November elections, we will bring you clear, easy-to-understand analysis of the 27 races that were decided by less than 10 percentage points in 2018, making them Texas 2020 battleground elections. What Makes These Races So Important? The …

Contributing Writer | 06/22/2020

Texas House District 138 includes portions of West Houston, Bear Creek, Katy, and Spring Branch. In 2018, Republican Dwayne Bohac won re-election to the seat by a razor thin 0.1 percentage points. Bohac is retiring, with Republican Lacey Hull set to face either Democrat Akilah Bacy or Jenifer Rene Pool in November. Akilah Bacy (D) …

Contributing Writer | 06/22/2020

Texas House District 132 encompasses a northwestern portion of the Greater Houston area and Katy. In 2018, Democrat Gina Calanni ousted then-incumbent Republican Mike Schofield by a mere 0.17 percentage points. Schofield is back for a rematch in November. Gina Calanni (D) (I) Mike Schofield (R) Totals Total Money Raised $90,794 $64,304 Total Number of …

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Contributing Writer | 06/29/2020

In the 2020 election season, redistricting is the biggest prize in Texas politics. The lawmakers elected to office this November will have outsized influence over the all-important redistricting process in the 2021 legislative session. Democrats are working to usher in a “blue wave” of influence in Austin, particularly when it comes to the redrawing of …

Tracy Marshall | 06/04/2020

Welcome! This week we launched Transparency USA, where our mission is to provide clear, accurate, easy-to-understand information about the money in state politics.  What We Offer Formerly Transparency Texas, we have expanded to include campaign finance data for nine states: Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin. You can search all …

Tracy Marshall | 05/18/2020

In Texas politics, the real financial powerhouse is not the money given by individuals and political action committees (PACs) —  it’s lobbying. In fact, in the last election cycle, the money spent on lobbying exceeded all money donated to Texas candidates and PACs by more than $100,000,000.  What might be even more surprising is that …