Political Action Committees

$7,933,083Total Contributions
$4,579,539Total Expenditures
PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
NC Democratic Party - State $994,518.79$718,887.97
North Carolina Republican Party $924,737.90$724,833.92
NC Democratic Leadership Committee "Ncdlc" $597,250.00$270,428.66
NC Realtors PAC $332,291.46$131,056.22
Carolina Asphalt Pavement Assn PAC $139,198.43$56,244.98
NC Auto Dealers Assn PAC $137,178.84$12,534.31
Moore Republican Party $119,166.95$64,743.39
Vote Outling $112,834.65$11,337.15
NC Fed of Republican Woman $108,843.39$92,687.98
Mecklenburg Republican Party $108,391.86$0.00
NC Hospital Assn PAC $104,226.13$5,154.87
Employees PAC $103,851.42$56,167.40
NC Dental Society PAC $96,856.63$9,417.25
NC Home Builders Assn PAC $78,126.02$6,906.52
Guilford Republican Party $75,774.43$59,632.12
Ncsfaa PAC Inc $69,868.95$39,982.88
NC Assn of Electric Cooperatives Rural Electric Action Program $65,595.95$3,361.30
NC Health Care Facilities Assn PAC $55,083.00$30,599.45
Ncae PAC $53,047.45$13,696.50
NC Advocates for Justice PAC $50,840.21$0.00
University Development Coalition $50,096.00$5,350.14
NC Assn of Nurse Anesthetists PAC $47,801.75$24,571.13
North Carolina Senate Majority Fund $43,450.00$65,980.14
Charter Communications NC PAC $42,995.40$0.00
Damon Chetson for Wake Da $42,686.09$14,560.28