$3,949,080,263Total Received
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Target Enterprises LLC $156,544,297.97
Sadler Strategic Media Inc $153,852,484.45
Federal and Out of State Expenditures $99,242,917.18
Allows Online and Mobile Sports Wagering Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute; Proposition 27 $77,884,476.15
2022 Campaigns Inc $75,221,269.20
Authorizes State Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Clinics $64,689,722.00
Rick Caruso Campaign $64,495,322.54
Proposition 27 $62,559,787.15
Bask Digital Media LLC $60,905,110.13
California Sports Wagering Regulation and Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act Initiative $56,335,469.16
United States Postal Service $51,805,535.55
Aisle 518 Strategies LLC $51,635,964.04
Referendum Against California Flavored Tobacco Products $47,217,123.68
Provides Funding for Programs to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Increasing Tax on Personal Income over $2 Million Initiative Statute Proposition 30 Statewid $47,143,875.09
Gmmb Inc $40,596,019.98
Non California Transactions $32,245,321.82
Google Inc $31,685,537.27
Skdknickerbocker LLC $31,321,557.01
Allows New Types of Gambling Including Sports Wagering (21-0009a1); Allows Online and Mobile Sports Wagering (21-0017a1) $31,097,591.55
Greenstripe Media Inc $30,375,560.00
Spectrum Reach Charter Communications Holdings LLC $28,802,723.49
Requires State Regulations to Reduce Plastic Waste Tax Producers of Single-Use Plastics and Fund Recycling and Environmental Programs $23,500,000.00
Ampersand Media $23,208,834.38
Kabc Tv $23,124,067.16
Mentzer Media Services Inc $22,780,551.00