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This organization has been paid by the candidates and committees listed below.

Total Payments
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$3,632,580.00 No on 29: Stop yet Another Dangerous Dialysis Proposition Sponsored by Patients Doctors Nurses and Dialysis Providers
$2,725,812.00 Yes on 26 No on 27 - Coalition for Safe Responsible Gaming Sponsored by California Indian Tribes
$2,663,893.61 No on 26 - Taxpayers Against Special Interest Monopolies Sponsored by Licensed Card Clubs
$2,535,644.86 California Republican Party - State
$1,335,211.16 Yes on Proposition 31 Committee to Protect California Kids Sponsored by Nonprofit Health Organizations
$1,284,692.29 Steven Glazer Glazer for Controller 2022
$1,183,853.40 Housing Providers for Responsible Solutions Sponsored by Housing Providers
$970,881.91 Opportunity PAC - a Coalition of Teachers Health Care Givers Faculty Members School Employees and Public and Private Employee Organizations
$863,599.86 Fighting for Our Future
$804,210.21 No on 30 - Educators Opposed to Corporate Handouts Sponsored by Teachers and School Employee Organizations
$800,305.68 California Apartment Association Housing Solutions Committee
$750,887.23 California Democratic Party
$746,022.45 Keep California Golden
$745,166.52 Keeping Californians Working a Coalition of Insurance Agents Technology Energy and Health Care Providers
$735,165.36 Committee to Increase Voting in California
$628,281.24 California Real Estate Independent Expenditure Committee - California Association of Realtors
$567,649.01 Families & Teachers United Sponsored by California Charter Schools Association Advocates
$567,102.20 Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Newsom
$558,170.00 Future PAC
$554,287.22 Dave Jones Dave Jones for State Senate 2022
$535,578.68 San Diego County Democratic Party
$493,688.51 California Alliance a Coalition of Consumer Attorneys Conservationists and Food and Commercial Workers
$443,593.04 Rick Chavez Zbur Rick Chavez Zbur for Assembly 2022
$442,128.07 California Alliance for Progress and Education an Alliance of Business Organizations
$429,105.00 Californians for Jobs and a Strong Economy