$621,493,588Total Contributions
$803,585,564Total Expenditures
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SEIU Cope (Service Employees International Union Committee on Political Education) (Fed PAC Id #C00004036) $35,371,399.38$13,131,739.99
Uber Innovation PAC $27,381,782.99$7,986,723.16
Actblue California $22,883,361.42$22,541,078.19
California Democratic Party $19,801,879.84$20,706,877.02
No on Prop 31 - Californians Against Prohibition Sponsored by Manufacturers $15,203,598.34$11,157.00
California Apartment Association Issues Committee $14,952,744.59$12,026,412.00
Yes on Prop 1 - Governor Newsom's Ballot Measure Committee $13,639,862.13$23,101,799.04
Service Employees International Union Political Education and Action Fund (SEIU Pea) (Mpo) $11,008,670.68$11,002,029.68
Justice for Renters Sponsored by Aids Healthcare Foundation $10,775,469.84$10,322,941.54
Because We Need Affordable Life-Saving Healthcare for Our Critically Ill Children Sponsored by California Children's Hospital Association $9,999,500.00$1,019,691.00
SEIU United Healthcare Workers West Political Issues Committee $9,662,168.24$5,751,348.17
Building a Stronger California Sponsored by Western States Regional Council of Carpenters $9,488,437.70$2,950,473.02
United Food and Commercial Workers Active Ballot Club (California) (Fed PAC Id# C00002766) $9,042,460.42$5,332,395.34
drive - Dem Rep Ind Voter Ed (the PAC of the Int'l Brhd of Teamsters) $8,204,062.60$5,346,747.01
California Republican Party - State $7,972,791.23$8,816,192.61
Protect Patients Now Sponsored by California Apartment Association $7,738,614.75$6,276,760.50
Coalition to Protect Access to Healthcare a Coalition of Doctors Non-Profit Community Health Centers First Responders Healthcare Workers Hospitals and Community Health Plans $7,145,317.00$4,558,525.13
California Hospitals Committee on Issues (Chci) Sponsored by California Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (Cahhs) $7,012,107.30$4,129,003.82
Coalition to Restore Californias Middle Class Including Energy Manufacturing and Technology Companies Who Produce Gas Oil Jobs and Pay Taxes $6,467,000.00$8,929,490.44
California Real Estate Independent Expenditure Committee - California Association of Realtors $6,463,005.11$4,059,628.52
Californians for Financial Education $5,012,155.69$2,835,569.78
California Real Estate PAC (Crepac) - California Association of Realtors $4,587,301.96$3,373,012.04
Uber Innovation Ballot Measure Committee a Committee for Prop 1 $4,500,000.00$250,050.00
Communications Workers of America Committee on Political Education Political Contributions Committee (Cwa Cope Pcc) (Fed PAC Id #C00002089) $4,133,291.49$2,323,126.69
Charter Public Schools PAC Sponsored by California Charter Schools Association Advocates $3,896,251.45$2,393,504.99