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This organization has been paid by the candidates and political action committees (PACs) listed below.

Total Payments
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$2,722,354.47 Yes on 26 No on 27 - Coalition for Safe Responsible Gaming Sponsored by California Indian Tribes
$1,659,746.07 Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Newsom
$1,505,865.96 Yes on 27 - Californians for Solutions to Homelessness and Mental Health Support a Coalition of Housing and Mental Health Experts Concerned Taxpayers and Digital Sports (See Attachment)
$1,147,548.61 No on 29: Stop yet Another Dangerous Dialysis Proposition Sponsored by Patients Doctors Nurses and Dialysis Providers
$538,601.24 Kevin Kiley Kevin Kiley for Governor 2021
$472,888.31 Larry Elder Elder for Governor 2021
$411,228.11 Gavin Newsom Newsom for California Governor 2022
$305,490.00 California Republican Party - State
$274,314.89 Brian Dahle Brian Dahle for Governor 2022
$255,000.00 Committee to Protect California Kids Sponsored by Nonprofit Health Organizations
$232,500.00 Rescue California
$225,000.00 Jenny Rae Le Roux Jenny Rae Le Roux for Governor 2021
$198,387.78 Reform California
$169,323.00 Dave Jones Dave Jones for State Senate 2022
$161,000.00 Nathan Hochman Nathan Hochman for Attorney General 2022
$160,753.79 No on 30
$159,881.96 Yvonne Yiu Yvonne Yiu for State Controller 2022
$158,344.61 Giselle Hale Giselle Hale for Assembly 2022
$150,000.00 Rescue California-to Support the Recall of Gavin Newsom
$142,618.28 Coalition to Grow San Francisco - Grow Sf PAC
$116,499.99 Roger Niello Roger Niello for Senate 2022
$115,000.00 Peace Officers Research Association of California (Porac) Statewide Independent Expenditure Committee
$103,556.70 Yes on 30: Clean Air California a Coalition of State Firefighters Working Families Rideshare Companies and Environmental Groups
$102,520.00 Yes on Proposition 31 Committee to Protect California Kids Sponsored by Nonprofit Health Organizations
$92,757.71 Voto Latino Against the Newsom Recall (Nonprofit 501(c)(4))