Non California Transactions
$23,264,076Total Received

This organization has been paid by the candidates and political action committees (PACs) listed below.

Total Payments
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$4,334,575.00 The Boeing Company PAC (Fed PAC Id C00142711)
$4,196,612.71 The Home Depot Inc PAC (Fed PAC Id C00284885)
$2,104,680.33 General Motors Company PAC (GM PAC) (Fed PAC Id C00076810)
$1,410,651.00 Valero Energy Corporation PAC (Fed PAC Id C00109546)
$1,165,897.11 Microsoft Corporation Stakeholders Voluntary PAC - Msvpac (Fed PAC Id C00227546)
$927,945.83 Abbvie PAC (Fed PAC Id C00536573)
$892,146.00 Wells Fargo and Company Employee PAC (Aka Wells Fargo Employee PAC) (Fed PAC Id C00034595)
$852,303.05 International Paper PAC (Ip-PAC) (Fed PAC Id C00034405)
$787,051.00 Motorola Solutions Inc PAC (Fed PAC Id C00075341)
$703,041.86 American Airlines Inc PAC (Aapac) (Fed PAC Id C00107300)
$661,750.00 Amerisourcebergen Corporation Associates PAC (Ab Associates PAC) (Fed PAC Id C00400929)
$517,562.24 Allstate Insurance Company PAC (Fed PAC Id C00040253)
$513,249.04 The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co Federal PAC (Northwestern Mutual Federal PAC) (Fed PAC Id C00197095)
$397,428.00 Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company PAC (Fed PAC Id C00076174)
$376,213.55 Mckesson Corporation Employees Political Fund (Fed PAC Id C00108035)
$362,189.00 Jpmorgan Chase & Co PAC (Fed PAC Id C00128512)
$340,913.57 The Procter & Gamble Company Good Government Fund (Fed PAC Id C00257329)
$297,291.62 Dow Inc PAC (Dowpac) (Fed PAC Id C00074096)
$297,223.82 Cardinal Health Inc PAC (Fed PAC Id C00332833)
$267,535.44 Glaxosmithkline LLC PAC (Gsk PAC) (Fed PAC Id C00199703 )
$233,250.16 Cummins Inc PAC (Cipac) (Fed PAC Id C00377952)
$231,110.00 Vulcan Materials Company PAC (Fed PAC Id C00116020)
$217,750.00 Lkq Corporation Employee Good Government Fund (Fed PAC Id C00458158)
$186,160.09 Gsk Plc PAC (Fed PAC Id C00199703 )
$170,336.06 Bayer US LLC Employee PAC (Bayerpac) (Fed PAC Id C00281162)