Scott Walker

$26,944,468Total Contributions
$26,941,256Total Expenditures

This page displays the cumulative amounts paid to these persons and organizations by this candidate’s campaign.

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Total Expenditures
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$14,633,823.24 Nonbox Inc ENTITY
$2,340,661.67 Scm Associates Inc ENTITY
$2,041,577.00 Cross Screen Media LLC ENTITY
$1,695,096.22 Republican Party of Wisconsin - Seg Fund ENTITY
$864,936.17 Paychex of New York LLC ENTITY
$528,034.85 FLS Connect LLC ENTITY
$459,015.47 The Tarrance Group Inc ENTITY
$370,387.05 Bmo Harris Bank na ENTITY
$351,938.89 Arena Online ENTITY
$344,943.76 Laura Gralton Consulting ENTITY
$248,727.87 The Champion Group LLC ENTITY
$245,437.67 Aspect Consulting LLC ENTITY
$232,597.23 Connectivist Media LLC ENTITY
$120,000.00 Burchfield Enterprises ENTITY
$119,317.96 Wisconsin Doa ENTITY
$117,887.72 Stripe ENTITY
$114,169.77 RNC WH Trust ENTITY
$105,000.00 Kate Lind Legal LLC ENTITY
$94,346.47 Granite Lists LLC ENTITY
$77,613.38 Cls Services Inc ENTITY
$71,411.65 Kms Consulting LLC ENTITY
$70,375.00 United States Postal Service ENTITY
$67,333.12 Coyle Consulting Services LLC ENTITY
$63,000.00 Old Sauk Trails Park LP ENTITY
$60,000.00 Richard W Colburn ENTITY