Scott Walker

$26,944,468Total Contributions
$26,941,256Total Expenditures

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Total Contributions
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$5,167,569.26 Republican Party of Wisconsin - Seg Fund ENTITY
$1,600,740.49 Rebecca Kleefisch ENTITY
$86,000.00 Great America Committee Federal ENTITY
$86,000.00 Right Direction Wisconsin PAC Federal ENTITY
$80,000.00 Richard W Colburn INDIVIDUAL
$65,500.00 Realtors PAC - Wisconsin ENTITY
$65,000.00 Direct Supply Inc Partners PAC ENTITY
$60,000.00 John Shaffer INDIVIDUAL
$60,000.00 Linda and David Graebel INDIVIDUAL
$58,500.00 Metro Milw Assn of Commerce- See 0501790 for Future Filings ENTITY
$50,000.00 Anthem Inc PAC (Anthem PAC) ENTITY
$50,000.00 Heartland Regional PAC ENTITY
$47,500.00 Michele and Louis Gentine INDIVIDUAL
$44,000.00 Mary Sue and Mike Shannon INDIVIDUAL
$43,000.00 Forest Co Potawatomi Comm PAC ENTITY
$40,100.00 Rachel and Patrick J English INDIVIDUAL
$40,000.00 Bea and Thomas Hollfelder INDIVIDUAL
$40,000.00 Becky and Ryan Suter INDIVIDUAL
$40,000.00 Charter Communications Inc Wisconsin PAC ENTITY
$40,000.00 Gary M Reynolds INDIVIDUAL
$40,000.00 Koch Industries Inc PAC Federal ENTITY
$40,000.00 Lisa and John N Dykema INDIVIDUAL
$35,000.00 Sandra and William R Haack INDIVIDUAL
$35,000.00 Susan and Richard L Wilkey INDIVIDUAL
$34,000.00 Anne and Bryce Styza INDIVIDUAL