$78,737,494Total Contributions
$78,685,172Total Expenditures
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Candidate (Click to sort Ascending)Current State Office (Click to sort Ascending)Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Total Expenditures (Click to sort Ascending)
Scott Walker $26,944,468.22$26,941,255.55
Tony Evers Governor of Wisconsin$11,328,828.62$11,107,936.29
Josh Kaul Attorney General of Wisconsin$2,416,747.44$2,404,451.59
Brad Schimel $2,204,619.64$2,310,634.04
Rebecca Kleefisch $1,417,432.00$2,228,841.62
Rebecca Dallet Wisconsin Supreme Court$1,269,103.88$1,282,818.48
Mahlon Mitchell $1,202,088.48$1,188,652.56
Kelda Roys Wisconsin State Senate District 26$1,116,114.63$1,115,893.24
Michael Screnock $1,077,436.96$1,085,875.58
Mandela Barnes Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin$903,711.15$886,912.80
Lisa Neubauer Wisconsin Court of Appeals District II$889,950.59$119,069.77
Dana Wachs $877,477.64$974,882.39
Andy Gronik $851,108.72$850,961.13
Howard Marklein Wisconsin State Senate District 17$809,112.67$894,582.82
Caleb Frostman $767,611.93$764,139.02
Matthew Flynn $729,363.89$728,421.20
Sarah Godlewski Wisconsin Treasurer$700,573.00$699,176.19
Kriss Marion $571,356.88$573,787.97
Andre Jacque Wisconsin State Senate District 1$552,033.42$572,649.38
Roger Roth Wisconsin State Senate District 19$540,132.31$511,501.67
Dale Kooyenga Wisconsin State Senate District 5$488,893.58$659,816.40
Jon Plumer Wisconsin State Assembly District 42$480,542.63$474,021.78
Ann Groves Lloyd $461,374.53$460,297.04
Kurt Kober $456,333.11$456,333.11
Lee Snodgrass Wisconsin State Assembly District 57$451,666.67$443,705.47