$54,430,868Total Contributions
$49,722,347Total Expenditures
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Tony Evers Governor of Wisconsin$5,539,158.36$2,498,630.38
Jill Karofsky Wisconsin Supreme Court$2,769,741.86$2,705,491.21
Daniel Kelly $2,160,255.13$2,147,151.28
Lisa Neubauer Wisconsin Court of Appeals District II$2,074,687.44$2,398,318.34
Brad Pfaff Wisconsin State Senate District 32$1,674,249.29$1,557,714.01
Jonathon Hansen $1,465,744.44$1,447,559.93
Brian Hagedorn Wisconsin Supreme Court$1,412,718.62$1,669,790.60
Neal Plotkin $1,250,365.17$1,280,659.75
Paul Piotrowski $1,165,454.59$1,150,524.05
Robyn Vining Wisconsin State Assembly District 14$998,186.73$942,232.52
Alberta Darling Wisconsin State Senate District 8$934,199.17$1,005,638.78
Eric Wimberger Wisconsin State Senate District 30$802,140.85$792,478.25
Beth Meyers Wisconsin State Assembly District 74$784,549.20$789,811.65
Deb Andraca Wisconsin State Assembly District 23$761,725.61$744,263.22
Kriss Marion $754,778.08$729,325.45
Patty Schachtner $753,808.83$748,461.57
Joel Jacobsen $707,265.25$697,639.71
Sara Rodriguez Wisconsin State Assembly District 13$697,787.21$686,701.98
Emily Siegrist $686,702.54$679,962.06
Patrick Testin Wisconsin State Senate District 24$630,923.64$745,245.31
Dan Kapanke $620,519.56$601,699.29
Robert Stafsholt Wisconsin State Senate District 10$616,441.41$505,692.37
Steve Doyle Wisconsin State Assembly District 94$578,373.82$493,248.94
Sarah Yacoub $542,849.33$541,137.96
Todd Novak Wisconsin State Assembly District 51$508,714.71$523,943.51