$69,717,303Total Contributions
$97,719,405Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Republican Party of Wisconsin - Seg Fund $17,649,211.49$18,021,766.68
Democratic Party of Wisconsin - Seg Fund $8,687,518.78$9,137,171.27
Rep Assembly Campaign Com Racc - Seg Fund $3,958,712.47$3,843,477.72
Wisconsin Freedom PAC $3,425,658.04$3,425,658.04
Greater Wisconsin Political Independent Expenditure Fund $3,322,200.00$3,322,029.76
Committee to Elect a Republican Senate - Seg Fund $2,666,388.70$2,604,765.18
Wmc Jobs Fund $2,417,025.08$2,410,742.40
Daga WI People's Lawyer Project $2,093,000.00$2,243,000.00
Assembly Democratic Camp Comm - Seg Fund $1,711,208.45$1,771,468.83
State Senate Democratic Comm - Seg Fund $1,707,408.65$2,320,904.12
Leadership Mke $1,450,525.84$1,382,549.17
Weac PAC $1,138,226.24$1,634,079.65
Wisconsin Conservation Voters Independent Expenditure Committee $1,069,647.58$1,068,776.97
American Federation for Children Action Fund - Wisconsin Ie Committee $976,653.25$971,343.40
Greater Wisconsin Committee PAC $914,150.00$913,900.00
High Ground Political Fund $810,100.00$806,242.00
Jobs First Coalition Political Fund $787,344.01$764,653.28
Progressive Takeover $649,952.06$589,839.48
Direct Supply Inc Partners PAC $622,558.88$1,513,732.04
Safe Transportation over Politics $430,763.05$428,879.14
Strong Wisconsin $408,500.00$408,500.00
Realtors PAC - Wisconsin $379,105.34$365,729.78
Volunteers for Agriculture Vfa $366,669.42$386,481.69
Operating Engineers 139 PAC $355,575.00$368,991.69
Wisconsin Leadership Committee $336,300.00$569,630.66