$303,654,184Total Contributions
$382,760,601Total Expenditures
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Total Contributions
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Total Expenditures
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Democratic Party of Wisconsin - Seg Fund $79,175,588.49$85,798,301.67
Republican Party of Wisconsin - Seg Fund $47,038,174.18$46,492,292.96
A Better Wisconsin Together Political Fund $17,472,828.87$18,067,014.16
Rep Assembly Campaign Com Racc - Seg Fund $16,209,265.26$15,261,393.28
Committee to Elect a Republican Senate - Seg Fund $9,355,317.17$8,651,371.89
Assembly Democratic Camp Comm - Seg Fund $8,563,295.22$8,508,206.56
Wisconsin Conservation Voters Independent Expenditure Committee $7,196,711.43$7,295,964.75
State Senate Democratic Comm - Seg Fund $6,810,525.52$7,951,696.37
Wisconsin Freedom PAC $6,539,871.00$6,539,871.00
Fair Courts America $5,075,000.00$5,644,281.00
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin Political Fund $4,770,457.97$2,562,973.90
Greater Wisconsin Political Independent Expenditure Fund $4,553,295.90$4,553,716.64
Fighting for Wisconsin $4,552,787.52$4,552,787.52
Marsy's Law for Wisconsin LLC $4,489,546.09$4,651,086.71
Weac PAC $3,285,754.78$3,871,504.79
Seiu Wisconsin State Council Independent Expenditure Committee $3,002,080.19$3,011,854.67
Freedom Wisconsin PAC $2,879,100.01$2,879,100.01
Wmc Jobs Fund $2,823,517.24$2,822,232.82
American Federation for Children Action Fund - Wisconsin Ie Committee $2,647,414.31$2,598,592.33
Leadership Mke $2,417,698.17$2,507,183.05
Jobs First Coalition Political Fund $2,411,844.01$2,563,617.61
Republican State Leadership Committee - Judicial Fairness Initiative $2,292,205.09$2,398,690.87
Sunrise in America Political Fund $2,180,000.00$1,937,205.21
Daga WI People's Lawyer Project $2,093,000.00$2,243,000.00
High Ground Political Fund $1,475,100.00$1,474,195.00