$335,085,316Total Received
Payee (Click to sort Ascending)Category (Click to sort Ascending)Received (Click to sort Ascending)
Nonbox Inc Non-Lobbyist$17,344,963.48
Strother Nuckels Strategies Non-Lobbyist$9,517,471.53
Target Enterprises LLC Non-Lobbyist$9,476,719.36
In Pursuit of LLC Non-Lobbyist$6,854,701.20
DPW Federal Account Non-Lobbyist$6,481,434.15
Al Media Non-Lobbyist$5,877,695.00
Canal Partners Media Non-Lobbyist$5,809,282.46
Flexpoint Media Non-Lobbyist$5,542,893.46
The New Media Firm Inc Non-Lobbyist$3,966,202.99
Del Cielo Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$3,544,571.45
Strategy Group for Media Non-Lobbyist$3,536,169.69
Paychex of New York LLC Non-Lobbyist$3,461,125.94
Arena Communications Non-Lobbyist$3,378,918.69
Scm Associates Inc Non-Lobbyist$3,035,858.69
Adp Inc Non-Lobbyist$3,035,399.62
Left Hook Communications Non-Lobbyist$3,027,665.63
Medium Buying LLC Non-Lobbyist$2,988,347.00
Accountants World Payroll LLC Non-Lobbyist$2,900,461.34
Strategic Media Services Inc Non-Lobbyist$2,794,768.91
Hulsen Media Services LLC Non-Lobbyist$2,480,979.00
Cross Screen Media LLC Non-Lobbyist$2,407,075.00
Campaign Workshop Non-Lobbyist$1,931,816.38
Buying Time LLC Non-Lobbyist$1,859,289.05
Media Placement Services Non-Lobbyist$1,852,649.57
Persuasion Partners Non-Lobbyist$1,827,580.07