Luis J Saenz
Saenz Public Affairs
$2,681,140Minimum Amount
$5,608,260Maximum Amount
Lobbying Clients

This page displays the cumulative amounts these organizations have contracted to pay this lobbyist. Because lobbyists are allowed to report their income in ranges, minimum and maximum amounts are shown.

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Charter Communications Inc Private$208,700.00$417,409.98
Christus Health Private$208,700.00$417,409.98
Cintra US Services LLC Taxpayer-Funded$208,700.00$417,409.98
Enterprise Products Partners LP Private$208,700.00$417,409.98
IGT Global Solutions Corporation Private$208,700.00$417,409.98
LEO Technologies Private$208,700.00$417,409.98
The Chickasaw Nation Private$208,700.00$417,409.98
UnitedHealth Group Private$208,700.00$417,409.98
McKinsey & Company Inc Private$107,610.00$215,229.99
Altria Client Svcs & Affiliates-Philip Morris USA John Middleton US Smokeless Tobacco & Nu Mark Private$104,350.00$208,699.98
Ascension Texas Private$104,350.00$208,699.98
Texas Association of Business Private$104,350.00$208,699.98
Paxos Holdings LLC Private$101,090.00$202,179.99
Pioneer Interests Private$101,090.00$202,179.99
World Car Center Inc Private$101,090.00$202,179.99
Political Subdivision Workers' Compensation Alliance Private$53,810.00$107,609.99
Raptor Technologies Private$41,740.00$104,349.98
Blue Cloud Distribution of Texas Inc Private$50,540.00$101,089.99
Port of Corpus Christi Taxpayer-Funded$50,540.00$101,089.99
Vision Service Plan Private$50,540.00$101,089.99
April Chang Private$20,220.00$50,539.99
Primary Class Inc DBA Odyssey Private$20,220.00$50,539.99
Concorde Career Colleges Inc Private$0.00$41,739.98
Ferrovial Construction US Corp Private$0.00$41,739.98
Vistra Energy Corp Private$0.00$40,439.98