John Sepehri
$154,890Minimum Amount
$514,590Maximum Amount
Lobbying Clients

This page displays the cumulative amounts these organizations have contracted to pay this lobbyist. Because lobbyists are allowed to report their income in ranges, minimum and maximum amounts are shown.

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Max Amount
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ISF Private$104,350.00$208,699.98
Asurion LLC Private$50,540.00$101,089.99
Foley & Lardner LLP d/b/a Foley Gardere Private$0.00$41,739.98
Reinsurance Association of America Private$0.00$41,739.98
Elevance Health Inc Private$0.00$20,219.99
GS Administrators Inc Private$0.00$20,219.99
GuideStone Financial Resources of Southern Baptist Convention Private$0.00$20,219.99
Johnson Controls Inc Private$0.00$20,219.99
Sanford Kuhl Hagan Kugle Parker Kahn LLP Private$0.00$20,219.99
Sentruity Casualty Company Private$0.00$20,219.99