Dylan Matthews
Legislative Consulting
$20,220Minimum Amount
$313,400Maximum Amount
Lobbying Clients

This page displays the cumulative amounts these organizations have contracted to pay this lobbyist. Because lobbyists are allowed to report their income in ranges, minimum and maximum amounts are shown.

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Max Amount
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Blake Harris & Associates Private$20,220.00$50,539.99
City of Stephenville Taxpayer-Funded$0.00$40,439.98
360 Broadband LLC Private$0.00$20,219.99
American Electric Power AEP Private$0.00$20,219.99
Austin DMO Private$0.00$20,219.99
Austin Transit Partnership Private$0.00$20,219.99
City of Port Aransas Taxpayer-Funded$0.00$20,219.99
Edroy Cooperative Gin Company dba Edcot Coop Gin Private$0.00$20,219.99
Flatiron Constructors Inc Private$0.00$20,219.99
P3 for Texas Inc Private$0.00$20,219.99
SH 130 Concession Company LLC Private$0.00$20,219.99
TranSystems Corporation Taxpayer-Funded$0.00$20,219.99
Wabtec Corporation Private$0.00$20,219.99