Alec S Lewis
General Counsel
$1,401,510Minimum Amount
$2,843,550Maximum Amount
Lobbying Clients

This page displays the cumulative amounts these organizations have contracted to pay this lobbyist. Because lobbyists are allowed to report their income in ranges, minimum and maximum amounts are shown.

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Max Amount
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Ron Lewis and Associates Private$107,610.00$215,229.99
Alabama Coushatta Tribe of Texas Private$101,090.00$202,179.99
Energy Transfer Partners Private$101,090.00$202,179.99
Enova Online Services Inc Private$101,090.00$202,179.99
George Tyson Tuttle Private$101,090.00$202,179.99
Hidalgo County Water Improvement District #3 Taxpayer-Funded$101,090.00$202,179.99
TGS Cedar Port Partners LP Private$101,090.00$202,179.99
Cintra US Services LLC Taxpayer-Funded$50,540.00$101,089.99
EIP IV Credit Co LLC Private$50,540.00$101,089.99
Gjerset & Lorenz LLP Private$50,540.00$101,089.99
Lower Neches Valley Authority Taxpayer-Funded$50,540.00$101,089.99
MasterCard International Inc Private$50,540.00$101,089.99
North Texas Municipal Water District Taxpayer-Funded$50,540.00$101,089.99
Othal Brand Private$50,540.00$101,089.99
Port of Beaumont Navigation District of Jefferson County Texas Taxpayer-Funded$50,540.00$101,089.99
Port of Port Arthur Navigation District of Jefferson County Texas Taxpayer-Funded$50,540.00$101,089.99
RWE Clean Energy LLC Private$50,540.00$101,089.99
Sabine River Authority Taxpayer-Funded$50,540.00$101,089.99
Texas Municipal Retirement System Taxpayer-Funded$50,540.00$101,089.99
Deer Breeders Corporation Private$20,220.00$50,539.99
Integrated Waste Solutions Group LLC Private$20,220.00$50,539.99
Jefferson County Drainage District No 7 Taxpayer-Funded$20,220.00$50,539.99
Orange County Drainage District Taxpayer-Funded$20,220.00$50,539.99
Ferrovial Construction US Corp Private$0.00$0.00
TRANS-Global Solutions Inc Unclassified$0.00$0.00