City of Houston
$979,620Minimum Amount
$2,142,380Maximum Amount
Lobbyist Summary

This organization hires the lobbyists listed below to advocate for their interests in Austin. This organization is also listed as a payee when they are paid by a candidate or committee. View those transactions here.

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Max Amount
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Crystal Brown Public Policy Advisor$122,610.00$255,989.98
Neftali Partida Government Relations$122,610.00$255,989.98
Clayton Pope Lobbyist$104,350.00$208,699.98
John C Johnson Jr Lobbyist$104,350.00$208,699.98
Robert D Miller Attorney$101,090.00$202,179.99
Sarah Lacy Locke Lord LLP$101,090.00$202,179.99
Anthony Haley HMWK, LLC$20,220.00$50,539.99
Benjamin B Melson Jr MoakCasey$20,220.00$50,539.99
Carl S Richie Consultant$20,220.00$50,539.99
Carrie Simmons lobbyist$20,220.00$50,539.99
Colette Vallot Consultant$20,220.00$50,539.99
Dan Huberty Texas School Finance and Accountability Consulting$20,220.00$50,539.99
Daniel T Casey Public Education School Finance Consultant$20,220.00$50,539.99
Elizabeth Lee Crownover Lobbyist$20,220.00$50,539.99
Ginger Averitt Lobbyist$20,220.00$50,539.99
Gregory A Gibson School Finance Consulting$20,220.00$50,539.99
Jodi Duron Associate Director - Texas Association of Midsize schools$20,220.00$50,539.99
John R Clay Jr Crestline Solutions, LLC$20,220.00$50,539.99
Josh Haney Public Education School Finance Consultant$20,220.00$50,539.99
Leonardo Lopez Chief Financial Officer$20,220.00$50,539.99
Lorena I Campos Lobbyist$20,220.00$50,539.99
Vilma Luna Consultant$20,220.00$50,539.99