CenterPoint Energy Inc
$2,188,080Minimum Amount
$4,543,200Maximum Amount
Lobbyist Summary

This organization hires the lobbyists listed below to advocate for their interests in Austin. This organization is also listed as a payee when they are paid by a candidate or committee. View those transactions here.

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Christina I Gonzalez Vice President, Governmental Affairs$208,700.00$417,409.98
Gerard Torres Director, Texas State Relations$208,700.00$417,409.98
Jeff Bonham Electric and Gas Utility Employee$208,700.00$417,409.98
LaJuanda J Deadrick Electric and Gas Employee$208,700.00$417,409.98
Logan T Spence Attorney$208,700.00$417,409.98
Riley Stinnett Director, Government Affairs$208,700.00$417,409.98
Anthony Haley HMWK, LLC$104,350.00$208,699.98
C Jake Posey Attorney/Senior Vice President of Government Affairs$104,350.00$208,699.98
Jennifer Brown Emerson Lobby consultant$104,350.00$208,699.98
Jim M Grace Jr Consultant$104,350.00$208,699.98
John P Urrabazo lobbyist$104,350.00$208,699.98
Mignon McGarry Lobbying$104,350.00$208,699.98
Nora Del Bosque Lobby$104,350.00$208,699.98
Russell Clay Mullins Consultant$104,350.00$208,699.98
K Alan Burrows Lobbyist$50,540.00$101,089.99
Patrick V Reinhart CenterPoint Energy$50,540.00$101,089.99
J E Buster Brown Lobby consultant$0.00$41,739.98
Lorena Robledo Director of Government Relations$0.00$41,739.98
Raul Lopez Lobbying$0.00$41,739.98
Nathan Brownell Vice President of TX Gas Operations$0.00$21,519.99
Elizabeth Brock Director, Energy Solutions$0.00$20,219.99
Tal Centers Vice President Regional Operations$0.00$0.00