CenterPoint Energy Inc
$986,620Minimum Amount
$2,094,540Maximum Amount
Lobbyist Summary

This organization hires the lobbyists listed below to advocate for their interests in Austin. This organization is also listed as a payee when they are paid by a candidate or political action committee (PAC). View those transactions here.

Lobbyist (Click to sort Ascending)Firm (Click to sort Ascending)Min Amount (Click to sort Ascending)Max Amount (Click to sort Ascending)
Gerard Torres Director, Texas State Relations$93,150.00$186,299.99
Jeff Bonham Electric and Gas Utility Employee$93,150.00$186,299.99
John P Urrabazo lobbyist$93,150.00$186,299.99
LaJuanda J Deadrick Electric and Gas Employee$93,150.00$186,299.99
Logan T Spence Attorney$93,150.00$186,299.99
Robert D Miller Attorney$93,150.00$186,299.99
Anthony Haley HMWK, LLC$46,580.00$93,149.99
C Jake Posey Attorney/Senior Vice President of Government Affairs$46,580.00$93,149.99
Jim M Grace Jr Consultant$46,580.00$93,149.99
K Alan Burrows Lobbyist$46,580.00$93,149.99
Mignon McGarry $46,580.00$93,149.99
Nora Del Bosque Lobby$46,580.00$93,149.99
Patrick V Reinhart CenterPoint Energy$46,580.00$93,149.99
Whitney Whitmire Lobbyist$46,580.00$93,149.99
J E Buster Brown Lobby consultant$18,360.00$46,579.99
Jennifer Brown Emerson Lobby consultant$18,360.00$46,579.99
Russell Clay Mullins Consultant$18,360.00$46,579.99
Chelsy Tanner $0.00$18,359.99
Elizabeth Brock Director, External Engagement and Planning$0.00$18,359.99
Lorena Robledo Director of Government Relations$0.00$18,359.99
Raul Lopez $0.00$18,359.99
Sarah Flautt Mignon McGarry$0.00$18,359.99
Tal Centers Vice President Regional Operations$0.00$0.00