Kelcy L Warren
$1,442,000Total Donations

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Amount (Click to sort Ascending)PAC (Click to sort Ascending)Date (Click to sort Ascending)Occupation (Click to sort Ascending)Employer (Click to sort Ascending)
$250,000.00 American Freedom Fund 02/20/2020CEOEnergy Transfer Partners
$250,000.00 Greg Abbott 06/27/2019ExecutiveEnergy Transfer
$250,000.00 Greg Abbott 07/17/2020ExecutiveEnergy Transfer
$250,000.00 Texas Coalition for State Parks PAC (DISSOLVED) 08/26/2019ChairmanEnergy Transfer
$100,000.00 Glenn Hegar 06/28/2019Co-CEO and Co-ChairmanEnergy Transfer Partners
$100,000.00 Dan Patrick 11/07/2019Chairman & CEOEnergy Transfer
$100,000.00 Dan Patrick 12/10/2020Chairman & CEOEnergy Transfer
$50,000.00 Ryan Sitton 01/13/2020CEOEnergy Transfer Partners
$25,000.00 James Wright 10/28/2020Exec ChairmanEnergy Transfer
$25,000.00 James Wright 10/28/2020Exec ChairmanEnergy Transfer
$10,000.00 Dawn Buckingham 09/05/2019CEOEnergy Transfer Partners
$10,000.00 Eddie Lucio JR 06/10/2020Chairman & CEOEnergy Transfer Partners
$10,000.00 Republican Party of Texas 02/13/2020Chairman & CEOEnergy Transfer
$5,000.00 Brett Busby 06/26/2019Chairman & CEO
$5,000.00 Nathan Hecht 09/27/2019Chairman and CEO
$1,000.00 Angie Chen Button 11/09/2019CEOEnergy Transfer Partners
$1,000.00 Morgan Meyer 11/04/2019Chairman & CEOEnergy Transfer