Farris & JoAnn Wilks
$1,492,057Total Donations

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Total Donations (Click to sort Ascending)Candidate (Click to sort Ascending)PAC (Click to sort Ascending)
$1,125,000.00Jon Francis Francis, Jon (Mr.)
$100,000.00Shelley Luther Luther, Shelley A. (Ms.)
$75,000.00Bryan Slaton Slaton, Bryan L. (Mr.)
$75,000.00Jeff Cason Cason, Jeffrey H. (Mr.)
$50,000.00Bob Hall Hall III, Robert L. (The Honorable)
$25,000.00 Parker County Conservatives PAC
$12,500.00 Empower Texans PAC
$10,000.00Steven Toth Toth, Steven H. (The Honorable)
$5,000.00Kyle Biedermann Biedermann, Kenneth K. (The Honorable)
$5,000.00Matt Schaefer Schaefer, Matthew R. (The Honorable)
$5,000.00Tony Tinderholt Tinderholt, Tony D. (The Honorable)
$4,556.50 Grassroots America - We the People PAC